Best 5 Snowboard Boots

Athletes need the best equipment to improve their performances. While competing or during practice, they gear up to get the best results. Regular people believe that because they are casually practicing, they do not need the best gear. This is a wrong perception.

In regular sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball people can get away with not buying specialized equipment. This is not the case for snow sports. Snowboarding and ski require special gear (Ski Helmets & Ski Goggles) to really enjoy it. Attempting to practice any of these activities without the right equipment will lead to injuries. When it comes to snowboard, it all starts with the boots.

Best 5 Snowboard Boots Reviews

Name Price
1. DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots Check
2. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Men’s Check
3. DC Men's Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots Check
4. Sapient Mason Snowboard Boots Men’s Check
5. ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot Check

Having the best snowboard boots will make every experience better. For a smooth journey down the hill, people need good snowboard boots. Here is a list of the best snowboarding boots:

1. DC Men’s Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

DC Men’s Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

DC has a reputation for making high-quality shoes. Its snowboard boot line is not the exception. The Phase Lace Up is basic model but with incredible results. Considered one of the best snowboarding boots, the Phase model is affordable and durable.


  • Closure: traditional lace-up style
  • Outsole: Foundation unilite outsole
  • Lining: red liner
  • Insole: Snow Basic Insole
  • Flex rating: 5/10
  • Affordable, the Phase is a great boot for a reasonable price. Snowboarding equipment tends to be pricey. DC is one of the top brands in the world. They created this boot for those that are not professional but still want high-quality gear.
  • The Phase boots are made of leather, this is a durable material. Buyers can be sure they are getting their money’s worth. DC manufactures the best snowboarding boots in the market.
  • These are the best snowboard boots for beginners. Anyone that is starting to practice can pick these boots.
  • The liner and insole are made of mild quality material. These are easy to dry after a day on the mountains. However, the owner may want to buy a better liner after a while.
  • The lacing is ideal to guarantee a good fit but it is time consuming. Those that are in a hurry may want easier lacing.

2. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Men’s

Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Men’s

Burton boots are some of the best snowboarding boots in the market. These are light and warm, ideal for the extreme temperatures. For an incredible price, the clients will get a high-quality product. Burton is a brand of great renown because of its incredible quality.

Beginners and professionals prefer the Burton boots. The brand understand that good snowboard boots are not enough. They are committed to develop great products with the newest technology.


  • Lacing: Speed Zone™ Lacing System Powered by Burton Exclusive New England Ropes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Support: Soft
  • Flex / Response: Soft Flex Tongue
  • Liner: Imprint™ 1 Liner With Integrated Lacing
  • Thermo-Moldable Liner: Yes
  • Terrain: All Mountain
  • Footbed: Level 1 Molded Eva Footbed
  • Outsole: Dynolite Outsole Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology
  • Comfort: Total Comfort Construction, Snow-Proof Internal Gusset
  • Cushioning: Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil
  • The outsole makes the Burton boots lighter than other boots in the market.
  • Cold feet? Not anymore. The Burton boots are designed with technology that keeps the heat inside.
  • Putting these in and out is easier thanks to the lacing system.
  • One year warranty in case of any malfunction.
  • The lacing is not ideal to create a perfect fit.
  • Ideal for beginners only, advanced snowboarders will not feel good with these boots.

3. DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

Another pair of DC boots that make it to the list. These have a higher price than the Phase model but also could be considered some of the best snowboard boots. Ideal for every mountain, the Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots are good to be used immediately.

  • Lacing System: Traditional Lacing
  • Outsole: Contact UniLite & rubber outsole
  • Liner: White Liner
  • Insole: Impact S Insole
  • Liner Lacing System: Direct Power Lacing
  • Extra Features: Wrap Lock Hardware, Lacing Leverage, Internal ankle harness
  • High-quality insole. The gel inserts in the heel reduce the impact making it a comfortable option.
  • The rubber sola has great traction. It fits the foot perfectly, these pair of boots are great for scooting.
  • It has hooks in the outside, the lacing is good and allows double wraps easily. Athletes can go the entire day.
  • Durable, the materials makes for a high-quality boot.
  • Some buyers have reported issues with the Velcro strap.
  • The heel lift could be a problem for some users. The design tries to compensate it with the ankle support.

4. Sapient Mason Snowboard Boots Men’s

Sapient Mason Snowboard Boots Men’s

Not many know about the Sapient Mason boots. This is a new brand and those that dare to buy its products are surprised by the high-quality. For a small price, the buyers will be getting an incredible pair of boots that will improve their performance.

The Mason boots are comfortable and safe. The support system protects the spine from impact. The cushioning absorbs the power of the landings. These are ideal for beginners that are still learning how to land.


  • Ability: Beginner
  • Terrain: All Mountain
  • Flex: Medium 4/10
  • Lacing System: Traditional Lacing
  • Shell: Synthetic Leather, Support Panels, Flex Notches, Reinforced Support Spine, Pull Handle,Double Reinforced Stitching
  • Tongue: Gusseted, 3D Contour
  • Outsole: Rubber, Multi Traction Grip, Ice Spikes
  • Liner: 3D Molded Single Density, Internal J-Bars, Reinforced Heel Pocket, Flex Stretch Toe Box
  • Liner Lacing System: Integrated, Locking Pull Handle
  • Footbed: Single Density, 3D Contour, Plush Top
  • Good price. This pair of boots is ideal for beginners that are still not committed to the sport.
  • The protection technology makes it good snowboard boots for people without the skills.
  • Traditional lacing guarantees a good fit.
  • Made with quality material but not as durable as other models.
  • Once the persons starts advancing, they will need to replace these boots.
  • Traditional lacing is time consuming.
  • Not flexible enough

5. ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot

ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot

ThirtyTwo is one of the most popular brands between snowboarders. They have some of the best snowboard boots ever created. The price range goes from $99 to $600. It offers many options when it comes to lacing, footbed, and outsole.

The STW BOA is not an elite model but it certainly is a high-quality product. The price range makes it ideal for beginners that want a pair of boots that will last. The STW BOA has the same technology as the best snowboarding boots for a smaller price.


  • Ability: Beginner to Advanced
  • Terrain: All Mountain
  • Flex: Medium 4/10
  • Lacing System: Single BOA
  • Tongue: 3D molded tongue allows for an easier lacing for improved fit and flex.
  • Outsole: Rubber, Multi Traction Grip, Ice Spikes
  • Liner: 100% Heat Moldable Intuition Liners for a custom fit
  • Liner Lacing System: Integrated Lacing System for improved heel hold
  • Footbed: EVA with Sherpa top sheet for warmth and comfort
  • Good for snowboarders of all levels.
  • The liner keeps the heat inside the boot protecting the feet from the cold.
  • Great price and quality
  • Good for people with wide feet
  • Rubber sole, ideal for most situations
  • Poor adjustability due to the type of lacing
  • Bad flex retention