Best 7 Women’s Bike Helmet

As kids before we learn to ride a bike, we learn that helmets are mandatory. These are necessary safety measures for children and adult. Many brands have dedicated their efforts to create helmets. There is science and complex design behind these. If you going to family riding, you should to check out guide of Top 7 Bike Racks Carriers for your car.


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Not many people know about it but the technology behind helmets requires a team of experts. Physicians, engineers and designers contribute equally into the creation of the newest helmets. Knowing that, how can we choose the best bike helmet for women? You do not have to. Here is a list of the 7 best bicycle helmet for women.

7. Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

1.9 out of 5 stars (1.9 out of 5) | 2 customer reviews
Price - $22.99

Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet, Matte White, Small
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It is common to see BMX and dirty bikers covered in Fox Racing gear. A brand known for the protection it provides to the bikers, it has the best bike helmets for women and men. The Transtition Hardshell model is strong.
The price is low taking into consideration the quality of the helmet. It is ideal for mountain riding and other difficult places.


  • Features: The EPS core absorbs any hits or bumps, while the ABS exterior is sturdy and durable
  • Construction: Hardshell
  • Fit System: Average fit system
  • Ventilation: 12 air ven


  • Affordable, the price is low for a high-quality helmet
  • High endurance
  • The padding absorbs any impact


  • Not suitable for the city
  • Heavy, after a while it is uncomfortable to wear
  • The padding absorbs the sweat so it is necessary to clean it after every use

6. Giro Atmos II Helmet

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 out of 5) | 181 customer reviews
Price - $89.99

Giro Atmos II Helmet, Matte White/Black, Medium 21.75-23.25
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Another Giro helmet made it to the list. The reason? All the Giro helmets are high-quality products. The Atmos II model, like many before it, is one of the best bike helmets for city riding. Despite the ventilation system, the integrity of the helmet is guaranteed. Ideal for the pavement or a harder track.


  • Features: Roll Cage Internal Reinforcement
  • Construction: In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Liner, Thermoformed SL Reinforcement
  • Fit System: Roc Loc 5
  • Ventilation: 23 air vents


  • Light and fresh, it is comfortable enough to wear it for many hours
  • Great fit system, the helmet does not moves
  • Great fit system, the helmet does not moves
  • Great fit system, the helmet does not moves
  • Similar to other models but with a better price


  • An older model that is not easy to find online
  • Suitable only for the city

5. 2013 Giro Aeon Helmet

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 out of 5) | 373 customer reviews
Price - $250.00

Giro Aeon Helmet Highlight Yellow, L
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Giro is a brand that needs no introduction. Beginners and professional prefer Giro over other brands. Every single model will satisfy even the most difficult clients. Aeon is the lighter helmet ever created by Giro. The entire design revolves around the vents, they wanted to create a fresh and light helmet.
Do not let the simple design confuse you. It may be light but it also is extremely safe. Probably the best urban bike helmet created by the brand. Buying an Aeon helmet is a smart investment. The endurance of these helmets is remarkable.


  • Features: Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement, X-static padding, Roc Loc 5 fit system, Slimline webbing
  • Construction: EPS liner, Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement, Polycarbonate shell
  • Fit System: Roc Loc 5
  • Ventilation: 24 air vents


  • It does not absorb the sweat, the biker will stay dry with this fresh model
  • Light, will not be uncomfortable after many hours of use
  • Reinforced with the best padding available
  • A dry fit in the head


  • High price
  • Not suitable for mountain riding

4. Ultralight Stable Road/Mountain Men’s/Women’s Bike Helmet

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 out of 5) | 146 customer reviews
Price - $16.99

Crazy Mars Ultralight Stable Road/Mountain Mens/Womens Bike Helmet-black
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Looking for a great option with an even greater price? This might be the helmet for you. It does not have the complicated protection measures than other helmets have. The padding is up to code but still simple enough to make it a cheap option.
This kind of helmet can work for everyone. The size is not too small or too big, it makes it adaptable for many audience. It may not be the most luxurious option but it could be considered one of the best bike helmet for women.


  • Features: 85% high-density EPS foam structure, effectively reduce the shock pressure, streamlined tail design
  • Construction: Light and stable construction
  • Fit System: Average fit system
  • Ventilation: 12 air vents


  • Adaptable for different kind of people
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and with good padding
  • The fit system works well for different users


  • Does not bring the best protection
  • Low endurance
  • Rotates easily to the front of the head

3. Kask Mojito Helmet

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 out of 5) | 178 customer reviews
Price - $179.95

Kask Mojito - Black / Red - Medium
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Professionals keep picking Kask as their favorite brand. The design remains the same since 2012. Kask takes the protection system that bikers used before and applies it to a new type of helmet. The protection is guaranteed. The Mojito helmet is one of the safest helmets in the market at the moment.
It is not a cheap option. Kask takes pride on making high-quality products. The buyers get their money’s worth on a product that will last a long time. This is, withouth a doubt, one of the best bicycle helmets for women available.


  • Features: Leatherette chin strap is hypoallergenic, and easy to keep clean after long rides
  • Construction: Reinforced In-mold composite construction
  • Fit System: Up & Down fit system
  • Ventilation: 26 air vents


  • Best cooling system in the market
  • Does not rotate to the front of the head
  • Multiple adjustment measures to keep it in place
  • Perfect fit with many pads
  • Comfortable and adaptable to many situations


  • The padding can be uncomfortable at times
  • The helmet absorbs the sweat so it is necessary to clean it after every use.

2. Lazer Baby on Board Helmet

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 out of 5) | 272 customer reviews
Price - $27.50

Lazer Bob Child/Youth Cycling Helmet (Chickaa - One Size)
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Founded in 1919, Lazer helmet creates quality helmets for every member of the family. From the best bike helmets for city riding to professional helmets, Lazer provides superior products. The Baby on Board helmet is one colorful option.


  • Features: Straps with reflective material for extra visibility
  • Construction: Special padding to keep chin cool and comfortable
  • Fit System: Comfit3 retention system
  • Ventilation: 6 vents


  • Many colors and patterns available
  • Comfortable and versatile, it adapts to many situations
  • Has multiple certifications like CE EN1078, CPSC and NZS 2063


  • Only available on small sizes
  • Made of plastic

1. Giro Trinity Sport Helmet 2016

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 out of 5) | 524 customer reviews
Price - $35.95

Giro Trinity Helmet Matte Titanium/White, One Size
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Giro is a brand known for its quality. Creators of the best bike helmets for women, Giro helmets offer protection to the bikers. No matter the circumstances, these are the best bike helmets for city riding. The Trinity model was created for those that wanted a quality product for an affordable price. With a simple yet smart design, the Trinity is the best option for riders that want comfort. Created with top features, this helmet will fit on every situation.


  • Features: Full coverage shell; Reflective rear decal
  • Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Fit System: Acu Dial
  • Ventilation: 22 vents


  • Adaptable for many situations
  • Includes a fit system that keeps it in place even at high speed
  • Affordable
  • Comes in many sizes


  • Not suitable for mountain riding
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