Best 8 Sleeping Bags for Camping

Many sleeping bags look comfy and durable until you use them. This article list 8 of the bestselling sleeping bags for camping to help you have an easy time deciding what tent to purchase. Each tent offers unique features and qualities. Read through these features keenly to identify the perfect sleeping bag for your camping needs.

Top 8 Sleeping Bags for Camping Reviews

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping BagCheck
2. Albo Tech Sleeping BagCheck
3. Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping BagCheck
4. Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping bagCheck
5. Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping BagCheck
6. Coleman Sun ridge Sleeping BagCheck
7. Teton Sports Celsius XL Sleeping BagCheck
8. Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping BagCheck

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Huge in size, soft looking yet affordable, this bag is best suited for couples.


  • Can be separated into 2 for use as individual bags.
  • Built to provide warmth in cold weather areas such as mountains.
  • Tough, durable outer shell promises to live for long.
  • The inner lining is soft and silky.
  • Feels conveniently light.
  • Has a strong outer layer for added strength.
  • Provides comfort at low temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The convertible nature makes it convenient for families.
  • Can be difficult to wash.

2. Albo Tech Sleeping Bag

Albo Tech Sleeping Bag

This tent lies in the low budget spectrum but is also one of the best rated sleeping bags for couples.


  • Features a barrel shaped design that narrows down toward the legs for maximum comfort.
  • The mummy looking tent can provide warmth even at 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.
  • The bag is waterproof and does not wear easily.
  • Machine safe.
  • Soft on the skin and tough on the exterior for a great experience.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

Aesthetically appealing and fluffy, this bag is one of the bestsellers for campers in 2017.


  • The cover is made from polyester.
  • Machine washable
  • Average sized at 33 x 75 inches.
  • Rated to keep your warm during cold weather conditions of as lows as 20 degrees F.
  • Sleek zipper that does not snag.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor tents.
  • Smooth and fluffy.
  • Easy to clean in the machine.
  • Great customer support.
  • Not compact ad can be difficult to pack.

4. Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping bag

Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping bag

Coming from a leading manufacturer, this low budget might be the best sleeping bag for first time buyers.


Comes with a free insect repellant.
Strong and durable polyester material.
Features extra pounds of insulation to keep you warm at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Designed for three season camping.

  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Tough and strong materials that could last for long.
  • The insect-killing repellant comes in handy in the rainy seasons.
  • Extra comfy
  • Tends to be too comfy for use in the summer.
  • Only suitable for short people.

5. Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Stylish in design and long enough for tall people, this is a sleeping bag great for all types of campers.


  • Designed with layers of taffeta material to build up warm fast even in extreme cold temperatures. The fluffy sleeping is rated for 0 degrees temperatures.
  • Designed from tough materials for durability reasons.
  • Supported by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Features all the necessary accessories such as hand zippers.
  • The bag is extremely comfortable even where temperatures can get below zero degrees.
  • The bag feels strong and well-engineered to last for long.
  • Non-allergic.
  • Easy to pack.
  • Can get uncomfortable when used in the summer.

6. Coleman Sun ridge Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sun ridge Sleeping Bag

This is one of the lowest priced bestselling sleeping bags online. It packs all important features.


  • 100% made from polyester for waterproof protection and long term durability.
  • Lightweight in nature to support sleeping temperatures of between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Features a zip nag system that prevents snagging when you zip the bag.
  • Features a patented no-tie closure design for easy packing.
  • Warm and fluffy
  • Low priced.
  • Easy to pack.
  • The soft tricot liner meant to provide softness can also attach to your skin, causing discomfort.

7. Teton Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

The Teton sports sleeping bag is a medium priced, extra-large sleeping bag best suited for families. Here are the bag’s


  • Extra-large at 90 x 36 inches and a little bit bulky at 4.3kgs.
  • Made from a sturdy diamond rips top offer extra strength and durability.
  • Features a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Rated for cold or extreme weather conditions.
  • The bag is large and spacious enough to fit a couple and 2 young kids.
  • Feels soft all-round-The bag is super plush from top down.
  • Provides plenty of warmth even at zero degree temperatures.
  • Great value for money.
  • Very heavy.

8. Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

Teton is famous for their large and comfy couples’ sleeping bags. This is one of the largest couples’ sleeping bags from the manufacturer.


  • Made from taffeta shell for strength and durability.
  • Made extra comfortable by the brushed flannel liner on the inner side.
  • Rated for extreme weather camping-Rated for used at below 32 degrees F.
  • Supported by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Perfect zippers than open and close smoothly without snagging.
  • Feels sturdy and durable.
  • Fitted with plenty of straps for easing packing.
  • Bulky.


Camping is a perfect way to spend time away from the city life. But it also requires proper preparations. Research properly and consult widely before making any buying decisions for your trip. Be especially cautious when buying the tent and sleeping bags.