Top 7 Bike Racks Carriers for 3 Bikes

Bike racks are a must have equipment for every family that love to cycle together. A safe, professionally designed bike rack should hold a bike sturdy throughout the journey. View some of the bestselling 3-bike racks on leading online stores and perhaps purchase one.


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7. Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack

Folding carry arms, 16-inch carry arms and steel constructed-probably all the features you need to identify a great bike rack for SUV owners. However, the rack offers so much more.

  • Constructed from heavy duty steel metal and coated with corrosion resistant black powder for added durability.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Features long 16-inch carry-arms to secure bikes steadily on the patented tie-down system.
  • Fits 3 back easily with the help of a 1.25-2 inches worth of a trailer hitch.
  • Lightweight at 23.5 pounds.


  • The rack looks premium in quality thanks to the steel construction and a black color finish.
  • The black powder finish protects the bike from corrosion.
  • Features a tie-down strap for easy installation of bikes on the rack
  • Great deal for a 3-bike rack.


  • Assembling the unit can be difficult for first time buyers.


6. Saris Bones 801 3-Bike Mount Rack

For cyclists who prefer a trunk mountable rack, consider checking out this rack.

  • Features molded arms and legs to hold strong bikes comfortably.
  • Designed from recyclable, rust resistant materials.
  • Has tilting features for easy access to your car’s trunk.
  • The arc design will fit in almost every spoiler.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • Can fit on the spoiler of every car.
  • Features anti-sway straps to hold your expensive bikes in place.
  • Great value for your money.


  • Assembling can be difficult for first timers.

5. Pro-series 63123 Eclipse Black Mounted Bike Carrier

This carrier is one of the most hyped 3-bike racks on the market. But what does it offer?

  • The rack tilts for easy trunk access.
  • Features folds to add safety and a reflector for protection as you drive at night.
  • Heavy, steel made at 33.1 pounds.
  • Features soft rubber cradles to avoid friction when bikes are installed.


  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Allows for easy access to the trunk.
  • Has a reflector for added safety.


  • Heavy.

4. Allen Sports Deluxe Tire Mount Rack

Allen Sports is a popular, top rated bike rack for SUV owners whose vehicles have a wheel mounted on the rear side. Discover if it matches your expectations below.

  • Mounts on the spare tire of SUV vehicles.
  • Features a patented tie-down system to secure bikes sturdily.
  • Installation is quick.
  • Compatible with almost every spare wheel mounted on the rear end of SUV vehicles.


  • Features a patented, safe system for locking bikes.
  • Compatible with almost every SUV with a wheel on the rear end.
  • Install easily.


  • Only suitable for select vehicles.

3. Highland 2002500 Universal Rear Mount Bike Carrier

This is probably the least expensive 3-bike carrier on the bestsellers’ list.

  • Compatible with almost every car model.
  • Flexible adjustment straps.
  • Conveniently lightweight at 7.7 pounds.
  • Measure 23” x 18.5” x 5.5.”
  • Folds flat for storage purposes.
  • Features soft pads for bike protection.


  • The rack offers flexibility to adjustment to fit different bike sizes.
  • Easy to install your bikes.
  • Keeps your bikes steady.


  • The straps tend to break if not properly handled.

2. Tyger Auto TG Bicycle Carrier

Tyger Auto is rock solid in design, features long carry arms and a reflector for great safety. Learn why else this is a customer favorite in leading online stores.

  • Features long carry arms to hold bikes up high on the rear side of SUV vehicles.
  • Strong metal construction adds guarantees that it will last.
  • Features a reflector for night driving safety.
  • Comes with tilt-down features for easy access to the trunk.
  • The arms are foldable for hassle free storage.


  • Features rubber straps that hold your bike sturdily.
  • Easy to install or get your bikes hooked up.
  • Allows for easy access of the trunk.
  • Compatible with all vehicles that have a 1.24” or a 2” hitch receiver.


  • The 2” receiver tends to wiggle as you drive.
  • Difficult to squeeze 3 adult bikes on the rack’s carry arms.

1. Allen Sports Mountain Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack fits most hatchbacks, minivans, SUVs and sedans. The rack is top rated and incredibly affordable.

  • Features a patented tie-down system for securing bicycles safely.
  • Features a one-step configuration system.
  • Features long, 15-inch carry arms that hold bikes up high.
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Fits most vehicles.


  • Easy to setup even for first timers. The unit’s racks are pre-assembled to make your work easy.
  • Flexible adjustment-The unit’s straps make it easy to hold big and small bikes alike.
  • Cheap-The rack cost almost half the price of its equally top rated competitors.
  • Solid construction and reliable in holding your bikes.


  • Some of the straps break easily.

Riding bikes with family or friends on the terrains and mountains is a great way to bond and create memories. It also helps you exercise. But getting your bike on your car requires a quality bike rack. Make up your mind and choose a rack that will serve you for many years.

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